1 Dec 2023 - 12:17... update #48
i've done it! i went to an orientation yesterday and i'm finally going to leave at the beginning of the next semester. i'm very excited and also nervous. bittersweet moment...... i'm going to the mall with a friend today. that'll be fun


26 Nov 2023 - 15:54... update #47
i'm entering my final month of school ever. then i'm switching to online. this is going to open up my schedule for a full time job And part time gigs! this makes me so happy. i will be making such a liveable wage. also, it's christmas time.

16 Nov 2023 - 7:57... update #46
 [This post was deleted.]

15 Nov 2023 - 11:46... update #45
update guys. the dmv was full and i couldn't go. i will be trying again in the near future. i would have enjoyed being done with that. i want 2 drive!!! i'd be so good on the road. by the way, i'm going to end it all. school will finally be over for me. one. semester. early !!! i enjoy not going to school. i can't wait to do things that are worth my while. i can't wait until i am buying exclusively macaroni and cheese to eat. that'll be so fun.

14 Nov 2023 - 12:13... update #44
bfdia 8 is out! this post contains spoilers. 
dear bfdia voters. YOU. ALL. SUCK. except like a third of you. why did you guys eliminate firey. PENCIL DESERVED IT... i wish pencil was out because pencil is a meanie pie!! i'm glad ruby won the prize though because i like her. i hope firey rejoins and gets real. also i loved the part when four and x came and took firey to the WTF. i did not like that they continued to make yellowface racist. why is he racist?? why does yellowface need sunglasses that change the colour that people are?? idk feels weird to me. the writing this ep was super creative though i loved the episode thoroughly. bfdia used to be my least favourite season but 7 and 8 redeemed it to me ... done reading?

14 Nov 2023 - 10:56... update #43
today, i'll be going to the DMV and getting my long overdue learner's permit. i already kind of know how to drive, so i reckon that and a test will land me a license. then, i can drive all of my friends everywhere and i can drive to michigan or delaware!!! i've been looking into places to move where the cost of living is low and the standard of living is high. my current location, florida, does not cater those needs. i've been looking to get a roommate, and i have someone in mind already. michigan is currently a prime contender since its cheap, nice, and close to both of our families. i don't have a job yet, but when i do, the first thing i'm gonna do is get a yellow car to live in. i'd get a white car for price, but i can't sacrifice my brand. also, i'm going to try to leave school a semester early. i need half of an english credit more than i'll have, so i'll have to complete that online. i'm not going to stay in school for a whole semester just to go to one class. if this comes true, i'll finally get a job. i've kind of been looking into openings near me. i've applied to like two places before ever and neither of them ever called back. so ya!! i'm beginning to fulfil my responsibilities as an adult.

13 Nov 2023 - 8:02... update #42
bros its looking up for me. it gets better guys. promise. never back down never what?? neva back down neva what???? neva give up

9 Nov 2023 - 11:46... update #41
i've been getting back into pokemon lately. honestly, i think i might start streaming again! that could be fun. i wanna try more games that just pokemon tho. you should comment on this post to tell me what you think i should play besides pokemon !!i also think that i could do like,, adobe illustrator tutorials. i know that its a lot of people's least favourite software to use (for some reason) and i would like to show off how easy it is once you get it !! i'm trying also to get back into music because my music sucks so i should make it better. i do not know music theory at All and i should.

2 Nov 2023 - 8:52... update #40
i just learned that neocities has a shitty block feature. i wish the button wasn't as hidden as it is. i know the block feature is only an implied requirement, but this just... sucks. it should be big and on the person's profile. they shouldn't be able to FOLLOW me still. instead, i have to scroll the entirety of their following list. none of this would be a problem if they just left me alone. i wouldn't have to block people if they were to just leave me alone. that'd be cool. leave me alone.

1 Nov 2023 - 9:27... update #39
hey guys!! it's november. allow me to make a rhyme. OMG it is finally here; my favourite month of the whole entire year. hello chat!! i love november so much it is the beset month it makes me very happy. is so :3 and :D and has a lot of leaves that are cool. however i'm floridian so the plants are usually dead and brown anyway so it's not that special in that regard. i think that i enjoy the thanksgiving and the cold weather the most. as well as november just holding a lot of significance to me in general. bye guys next post will have an image promise

 OCTOBER 2023 

31 Oct 2023 - 8:57... update #38
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! it's currently halloween. i am feeling giggly and silly right now. and i am watching tpot 8 for.. the EIGHTh time!!!! i love tpot i love tpot i love tpot!!!! i wish there was all of the tpots out right now and i would watch all of them. i've been watching inanimate insanity a lot lately on repeat. it is my favourite object shorw

29 Oct 2023 - 17:24... update #37
nothing has happened today. nothing is happening today. nothing is going to happen today. in fact, today is going by so slowly and is so uneventful that it's actually notable enough for me to post about. barely anyone has spoken to me, and the people i would normally speak to aren't me money might make me feel a little better.

26 Oct 2023 - 9:23... update #36
tpot 8 is out! this post contains spoilers. 
this episode was fun! a bit disappointed about the fact that yellowface is getting his way, but whatever, it'll bite him later. i loved cake though.. i don't like that he was eliminated. it's not as bad as lightning's elimination, but hey, it's bound to happen to everyone, right? except one person. who had better be pin, by the way. my favourite part about it, though, was that gaty & two had their little talking area decorated. that was cute. also, the fact that death pact might agree to both prevent death AND prioritise winning challenges makes me excited. i like that black hole and marker Also fought for the team's victory. they're really developing. speaking of developing, i've noticed that two's flaws as a host and a person are beginning to show. he doesn't understand social timing or space, really, which used to make for silly moments like acidentally interrupting someone or making a joke that didn't exactly make sense, but now it's starting problems. i really like how winner is expressing their boundaries with two firmly. interrupting him with "you didn't ask me." was truly an mlg move. i'm nervous about gaty getting eliminated... i feel like she's co-host though. that'd be cool! she's pretty much the X to two's four anyway. i actually really like how gaty mentioned her relaitonship with book and how she respects the space shes been getting. not only do i feel like they could be a thing again, maybe they'd get the free smart gane back together !! i'd like that freesmart is my favourite team/alliance/friend group EVER!!!!!! especially in bfdia where it started. they're so fire. fire? firey. if firey gets eliminated in bfdia i'll be so upset because firey is just a little guy!! i hope that pencil gets out. also how is the WTF going to fit everyone,,, it's too weak and trembling to contain more than like 3 people. i think it will tremble its way to the pee oh pee. what? bye guys. ... done reading?

24 Oct 2023 - 12:45... update #35
HI!!!!! i have set up commissions Better. firstly, you'll notice on the left panel under my name, there's a new blinkie for my ko-fi page  where i take MONEY. for SERVICES. to find out what those services are, you can visit the commissions tab, where you can see some of the things that i offer! i'll do more than what's listed if i know how. feel free to contact me! my discord server (linked above) is an awesome way to do that. you should TOTALLY use this information to buy my commissions! toodles!

12 Oct 2023 - 07:58... update #34
yo yo YO tlayliens! i had an Okay birthday. for my "party," all we really did was go to the park and go shopping at nearby stores. on the day of, i was at my best friend's house!! i was helping him do Work... for SCHOOL... and on the day after, i had pizza. big fan!! 18 isn't nearly as big a change as i thought it would've been.

10 Oct 2023 - 7:35... update #33
good morning blog! it's my BIRTHDAY!!!! i am 18 now. in other recent happenings i've helped more of my friends make websites and i have parts of WWOO animated! as soon as the voice actors Do What They Are Requested then it'll be enough for a trailer!! i am so good!! also because it is my birthday you have to buy things from me please do it plea

4 oct 2023 - 1:29... update #32
 [This post was deleted.]

3 oct 2023 - 8:18... update #31
HAPPY OCTOBER!!!!! it's my birth month. my birthday is in a week exactly. i have six days and some hours before i am an adult. this is crazy. BUY MY COMMISSIONS i need money for my birthday party :( i want to buy red velvet cookies for my friends guys. also, i finally did something related to one of my most personal projects that i've been wanting to do for a long time. now that i actually want to work on it, i can probably get it out a lot faster :) 21 Jan 2024 perhaps?


26 Sep 2023 - 7:35... update #30
guys i was going to add a playlist to my site but i realise i actually have no idea what i listen to besides. the obvious tally hall and hfjone ost

22 Sep 2023 - 10:02... update #29
hello tlayliens. i may change my site to be more 'stylised' i guess. like the site's aesthetic suits me but i feel like it might be uninteresting to look at. does anyone have any critiques of my site? i like getting criticism i can respond to

20 Sep 2023 - 9:25... update #28
good morning everyone........where do i find good blinkies? i been looking all over. pixelbank shut down so its not viable, and is VERY limited. i've made a few myself, but i don't want to do that for every single one. i wanna put more personality on my site and that's step one.

14 Sep 2023 - 7:52... update #27
recently on my youtube recommended, i saw a video tallying the votes from tpot 7, which wouldn't be too bad on its own. however, the two eliminated contestants were IN THE THUMBNAIL. the complete lack of any kind of suspense astounds me. i'd comment, but that would just get the video on more people's feeds. if they even saw it. thankfully i have a horrible short-term memory and i have No idea who was in that thumbnail anymore. :3

13 Sep 2023 - 9:25... update #26
i've been trying to figure out how to get the deadname remover plugin unblocked on my school computer. every solution i've tried has failed because of some failsafe. i can't load unpacked extensions with edge, and i can't use chrome because it's also blocked. i tried looking for so many alternatives, even just something called 'word replacer.' nothing that's capable of rewriting/cascading a site's content to my preference is permitted, even though it was a couple years ago. pretty much everything a queer kid would benefit even a little bit from is blocked. if anyone has any tips, please let me know.

12 Sep 2023 - 16:25... update #25
my ACTUAL definitive bfdi tier list. the last one had little thought put into it but i actually sat down this time with the intention of making one. :) hope you enjoy! i added some of the algebraliens and side characters as well! i added rubber spatula mainly because it was funny when he got beat to death. :3

12 Sep 2023 - 9:57... update #24
 >lightning eliminated
 >challenge is to "fix the thing"
 >eraser meaninglessly teases td
 >4 for no reason
 >pillow important for no reason
the amount of parallels between tpot 7 and the joke animation is More than i expected

12 Sep 2023 - 9:09... update #23
my fav part of tpot 7 was that death pact is starting to realise that they're only going to lose if they focus more on preventing death which was one of my biggest criticisms of the show. death pact again is probably going to become a murder-centric team, especially if black hole gets eliminated. i'm betting that this episode has made fanny a lot more popular, it definitely made me feel better about her

11 Sep 2023 - 7:19... update #22
dear TPOT voters. all of you are the worst ever. why did you eliminate lightning. he was OBVIOUSLY the best character on his team. marker should've gone. clock deserved the boot. LIGHTNING DID NOT. i think that MARKER should've been eliminated!!!!!! death pact again will Win Tpot i am going to write my Own tpot where lightning WINS. then you'll see how tpot was SUPPOSED to go. with much dismay goodbye chat

6 Sep 2023 - 10:46... update #21
hey guys i updated my shop page you should consider purchasing a commission from me i am so. diligent and skilled... i also added a portfolio and i'm going to add more personality to this website cos its kinda bland rn. also gonna work on prettying up my discord server

1 Sep 2023 - 11:32... update #20
my definitive bfb character tier list! i didn't put a lot of thought into this so its definitely subject to change. sorry guys! i love lightning and pin.

 AUGUST 2023 

24 aug 2023 - 08:55... update #19
hello chat. i wish certain people would stop talking to me. or preferably in general. that'd be cool.

18 aug 2023 - 08:38... update #18
 [This post was deleted.]

16 aug 2023 - 08:22... update #17
hello. school just started for me 6 days ago. this sucks. i hate this. i lost my only pen so. i'd better hope all the work is digital today LOOOL

14 aug 2023 - 08:22... update #16
HELLO??? school just started for me 4 days ago. it's my senior year guys! i'm gonna be 18 in 2 months... i am going into this year with NO expectations that i will enjoy it. i mean i get to go home an hour early, but only because i pinky promised the guidance counselor i'd do driver's ed. this means i have to go get my learner's permit. which i have not gotten. and i am 17. whoopsies. see you guys next update!

 JULY 2023 

18 jul 2023 - 08:04... update #15
hi tlayliens! i just did my first twitch stream over on my brand new twitch page! i did about 80 minutes of pokemon liquid crystal, and my chat (2 people i already knew) were great! luv twitch :3 you should soooo follow?

 JUNE 2023 

11 jun 2023 - 19:58... update #14
hey everyone! just a quick update, and an explanation of my abscence. i've actually been working on a project lately! i love object shows. that's it fellas! ninight!

 MAY 2023 

29 may 2023 - 20:34... update #13
 [This post was deleted.]

25 may 2023 - 21:08... vent #0
hi! i'm not upset right now, i'm actually doing wonderful! this is one of the best days i have had in a long time and it caught me by surprise. i'm just testing vent posts for now! i felt like making them something like this would be appropriate, since.. yknow, not everyone wants to just see that stuff. i did it all myself in my computer! technology is incredible! ... done reading?

25 may 2023 - 11:46... update #12
last day of school was today. i got there at 7:30, left at 9:30. what a day. komm susser tod is such an appropriate song for the end of... this year. tone, lyrics, and all. the end of this school year was really, really unsatisfying. i wish that i could turn back time and do things differently to let things end on a higher note. i did probably pass my econ test though. so that satisfied me. i'm probably going to turn wwoo into my summer job and actually act on the passion i feel for it.

24 may 2023 - 10:23... update #11
the portfolio section is operative! it took me about a week to completely finish. i realised i have a lot of images to add and i probably shouldn't host them here. i would have no more room to host my site no more! anyway, i finished my english exam earlier and i got a 92%. i also took my commercial art exam and i don't know what i got. but i figure i did okay. i never don't.

23 may 2023 - 9:26... update #10
showed up to school at 9:05 today! love not having anything to do for the first half of the day. i am about to take my exam for marine scienceI JUST TOOK IT I WIN !!!!!! YAR HAR HARR!!!!!

22 may 2023 - 8:17... update #9

22 may 2023 - 7:30... update #8
wish me luck fellas! i'm about to take my math exam. after that i reckon i'll just be sitting and mucking about in my computer class, since i don't have an exam there but i'm required to sit through it anyway. love not being able to exempt. love missing school. i wish that i could jus play over watch with my homies !!! i want to go home. i don't wan to do this can i jus work on my website all day :frowning2: i drank 14oz of coffee in an hour how many coffees can kill me

22 may 2023 - 1:01... update #7
i am awake. i am having a great time. i should not be.

21 may 2023 - 18:12... update #6
not doing too great these past few days. i dunno what's wrong. probably the fact that exams are coming up this week in combination with my already generally poor mental health. i've been playing more overwatch recently. i'm getting okay. i main lucio but brigitte is a solid option as well. cassidy is my best dps, and i suck at tank but i'd have to say i've performed best with i want someone to play with. what friends i have don't really play with me. if you need a support player hit me up. today i made a cover of komm susser tod as a pokemon city theme. check that out here if you wanna listen. it's not very good, but i was trying to emulate the old gameboy style of music. i have laundry to do. bye guys

17 may 2023 - 21:56... update #5
last night, i had the ingenius idea to stay up all night watching neon genesis evangelion. i am infatuated by the series. my favourite character thus far is asuka. i love her theme tune. anyways, in a panic before going to school, i drank eight ounces of coffee in ten minutes. then, i brewed fourteen ounces to take to school. i drank it all before second period. my entire day was spent in this weird trancey state. not only that, but the events of the day were a fever dream in of themselves. today was graduation day, so attendance was not required. if i had known that i wouldn't have gone. only 3 of my teachers were actually at the school. the ones who were present weren't doing anything. i wish i hadn't gone today. i was sick yesterday. i wish i was sick today instead. that said, my friend made me chicken noodle soup. to be fair they owed me one but it was appreciated nonetheless. i haven't showered. i should do that. bye guys

15 may 2023 - 8:54... update #4
hey fellas! i fixed up the colour scheme of my site. i'll be honest, i hate this shade of blue. i can't believe i used it for months. i'm back to normal! from here on out, black, brown, yellow, and white. like a bee, and also semen. about three months ago, i had to choose a book for my english class for the last quarter. in a moment of haste and poor judgement, i chose the hobbit by j.r.r. tolkien. in that three months, i haven't touched a page of it. i have to write a summary of it today. this sucks.

13 may 2023 - 18:52... update #3
today, i spent a lot of time out of my room. not normal for a saturday. a lot of it was with my dad, watching south park. he's definitely doing better. we're about to go out to eat at this new mexican place. i hope he can eat something that tastes at least alright. i'm probably going to get some kind of white people enchiladas. i can't figure out how to get the 'home' page to display by default, and i've tried a myriad of tutorials already. if anyone knows how to help me, please contact me via discord or something.

12 may 2023 - 20:49... update #2
i'm still owed $7 by this girl in my art class. i did her work for her. i worked on my site a lot today and added a social panel! i'm going to try getting my website to operate on a tab basis instead of having multiple pages, like i was originally going to do. not only do i think would that load a little faster, it also lets me make cool little animations! not that i'll use any of them, because i love clunky aesthetics, but the potential is there! this morning i drank coffee that i'd left in the pot since three. PM. the previous day. it was gross and left an icky sticky taste in my mouth all day.

11 may 2023 - 13:35... update #1
 [This post was deleted.]

10 may 2023 - 17:26... update #0
my site's up and running! not much to it yet other than an unfinished intro panel and... this. after i finish the intro panel i'll see if i can figure out how to add another page!

looks like you've reached the end! sorry.