JUNE 2024 

#4 domain expansion
6 Jun 2024 - 22:17

 notice anything different? that's right! i'm on seltzerjpg.online now. ain't that cool? in other news, i've been working on a comic, and soon i'll be releasing it on this website. also, i've made a new public discord and it'll be linked above in the summary! the first comic will be published soon. i hope to get some readers :) if you're genuinely interested you should join my server for updates!!

 MAY 2024 

#3 awaited return!
9 May 2024 - 22:31

 hey everyone! sorry for the lack of updates recently. i've got a job now, and it's been difficult to adjust while keeping an online presence. i'll be certain to get back into creating content soon! i've taken down a few videos for just not being up to par with the quality i want to produce, so expect me to come back better than before when i do! i have a new artist for my icons and promo arts now too!

 APR 2024 

No posts were made in April.

 MARCH 2024 

#2 the among us of 2024
24 Mar 2024 - 16:02

 i got lethal company in december. it's such an immesurably good game. i'm not usually into what's 'popular' but lethal company is SO worth its praise. i've made a few groups to dedicate myself to playing with. the best one by far has been "the groupers like fish," which is a modded group of eleven. i love bigger lobbies. anyway we are so good at the game and i love buying the lockpicker because it so good when every door is locked


#1 you're a loser, baby
1 Feb 2024 - 05:02

 i used to make fun of hazbin fans. i'm no fan myself, but i had a hell of a time watching the series. five times. my favourite part overall is husk and his arc with angel. i swear to god, that show could be ONLY them and i'd be satisfied. i wish a better set of people had made the series so i didn't have to pirate it. IF, of course, i didn't feel like paying to watch it, which, statistically, i most likely did.
 by the way, notice anything new? new year new fuckin BLOG, dude. look at these posts. i'm becoming worlds better at this than the person who taught me. i'm so proud. look at my little flashy border. look. its so cool.

 JANUARY 2024 

1 Jan 2024 - 20:00... update #0
new year, new victory for the OG's! takin' down the sweats. the impostors among us! new year new me! new year new blog? new year new tlaylor mus ic!

looks like you've reached the end! sorry.